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The following links are more of a "lighter side" look at mold. They are intended more for amusement, although a few cover fairly dense scientific research.These links were accurate as of May, 2011, but note that web site addresses do sometimes change.

Hedda J. Weitz, “Bioluminescent fungi,” in AccessScience, ©McGraw-Hill Companies, 2006, http://www.accessscience.com
Glow-in-the-dark fungi; who could ask for anything more? Note: when proofing this section, the URL above would not open the article. Instead, try entering “bioluminescent fungi Weitz” into a search engine and selecting the option for scholarly articles on these keywords. You will find a world of information about glow-in-the-dark fungi.

Viviani, Vadim, “Terrestrial Bioluminescence,” accessed at http://www.photobiology.info/Viviani.html on March 16, 2011. Complete with chemical formulae.

A celebration of slime mold.

Educational project for children: setting up a mold terrerium.


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