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What is Mold?
Health and Safety
Identification - Introduction
     Staying Organized
     Step 1: Examine the Outside of the Book
     Step 2: Look Inside the Front and Back Covers
     Step 3: Look Under the Dust Jacket – if There is One
     Step 4: Examine the Pages
     Step 5: Inspect Dust Jacket – if the Book has One
     Step 6: Inspect Suspicious Marks
          Visual Examination
          If You Find Mold
     Step 7: Clean Your Work Area
Case Studies - Introduction
     There's a Fungus Among Us
          Mold Case Studies
     Looks Alarming but Isn't
          Non-Mold Case Studies
Treatment - Introduction
     Have a Plan
     Wet Returns and Damp Discoveries
          Step 1: Assess the Damage
          Step 2: Treating a Wet Book
          Step 3: Desiccation Chambers and Sun Treatment
     What Books and Adobe Have in Common
     Desiccation Chambers and Sun Treatment
     Dust Jacket Surprises
     A Note About Bleach
On Keeping Moldy Books
     Questions to Consider
     Discarding Moldy Books
     Coffee as a Smell-Neutralizer
Monitoring Your Library
     How to Make a Hygrometer
     A Word About Thermometers
     Taking Measurements with Your Hygrometer
     Assessing Your Hygrometer Readings
     Relative Humidity Table
     Relative Humidity Tracking Chart
     Assessing Mold Risks
     Signs of a Compromised Building
     Collection Maintenance
Extras and Links
     Relative Humidity Table
     Relative Humidity Tracking Chart (blank - for download)
     Anatomy of a Book
     Online Resources
     Geek Corner: Online Links to Fungal Esoterica
     Recommended Reading List
Notice of Liability


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