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Treating a Wet Book

If the pages show signs of wetness, further action is needed:

1. Place paper towels between each of the affected pages – and yes, this may mean all of the pages in the book, depending upon the extent of the bath your book has taken

2. Put the book under weight. Old encyclopedias or phone books are great substitutes for a book press.

3. Be careful when putting a book under weight. With towels in place, the book will be thicker than the binding was designed to accommodate. Use your judgment when applying weight and do not stress the binding.

4. Change the towels out regularly – two or three times a day at least, or whenever you notice that the towels are are no longer absorbing moisture from the book.

5. Keep doing this until towels no longer seem effective, or the pages feel dry.

6. Set up the book in a desiccation chamber to complete the drying process.


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