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Step 3: Look Under the Dust Jacket – if There is One

If the book you are examining has a dust jacket, gently turn back the front and back covers and look between the outer book covers and the inside of the dust jacket. You may need to remove the dust jacket entirely to properly examine its underside. You’re still looking for signs of moisture exposure as well as other marks. Often mold will show up as white, gray or black “dusty-looking” marks, but remember that mold can grow in any color of the rainbow.

If you have not found anything suspicious yet, the book is probably fine; however, it is important to continue – there may be hidden “treasures” from a previous patron that will at least need cleanup, if not more serious attention. If you see something unusual under the dust jacket, or if the dust jacket shows signs of water damage, you may need to investigate the dust jacket further, as discussed in step 5.

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